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All information regarding pricing, quantity, estimated ship date, color and design will be included along with a sized photocopy of the art work. Please check this information carefully and inform us of any discrepancies by email. Your order will not be fully produced until payment and approval have been made.

Virtual Proofs

Due to the inherent nature of most monitors (varied calibrations, color management, varying degrees of brightness and resolution) the actual imprint color(s) and imprint location will vary with actual production. Most virtual samples are a visual guide and may not reflect the exact imprint placement for the actual production run. A true representation for your design is an actual preproduction proof.


PDF artwork e-mailed proofs are included with every order at no charge. Proofs demonstrate exactly how your order will be produced relative to placement, size and copy on your chosen item. Your order will be produced as proofed unless otherwise notified in writing. Please pay particular attention to spelling, phone numbers, size and positioning of your layout. Written approval must be submitted before production will commence. Any delay in returning your art approval may result in a revised shipping date.


Standard Ink Colors carries standard pallet colors for ceramic and glass. The PMS color numbers for swatches listed are approximated and will vary slightly in production runs. All ceramic and glass items are imprinted and fired at approximately 1140 degrees F, making imprints long lasting with responsible care.


Proposition 65

All items which require Proposition 65 Warning will require a.05 charge for label application. Our printer follows all prop. 65 compliance issues. All of our products are tested and certified before our printer takes procession and decorates. Our printer only uses lead free inks, and we will send any of our products to a testing lab of the customer choice for any other kids of testing or we will be glad to send it to one of our testing labs. There will be a charge for this service.


Underruns and Overruns

Although every effort will be made to ship the exact quantity ordered, due to the difficulty of manufacturing exact quantities without sacrificing quality, all one color orders are subject to a variance of 10%, multicolor orders may vary by 15%. Orders requesting no overruns may be shipped short by the above amounts. Orders stating no underruns may be shipped over by the above amounts.


Cancellation Charges & Returns

All costs incurred prior to order cancellation will be invoiced. Merchandise cannot be returned for any reason.



All artwork must be submitted print read or a minim $40 art fee will apply.

Print ready means that no alterations are needed. For example adding additional text, changing colors, recreating or converting a low resolution artwork. Artwork will not be accepted unless in the following formatting (jpeg, .ai, .eps, pdf or png). 



Shipments will be made by the carrier of our choice. Motor freight will be used when it is economical. All FedEx/UPS, Air or Parcel Post shipments must be protected by overpacking at an additional cost. If shipment arrives damaged, a claim must be filed upon receipt of shipment with carrier. Orders requiring inside of residential delivery must be noted on your order. Failure to do so may result in delayed and additional freight charges forwarded to you after the initial invoice is issued. Freight estimates by the factory are not guaranteed and will not be held responsible for the final billing. Customer pick up must be within 72 hours of notification or a storage fee will be charged. Pallet and overpack charges may occur.  It is the responsibility of the authorizing party to ensure this authorization is received in a timely manner prior to shipping

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