introduces a new concept for branding your pizzeria/restaurant while changing ordinary cheese shakers into bold, exciting branding statements.

We can produce a one-color, full-color or frosted (etched look) cheese shaker featuring your restaurants logo. These eight-ounce glass shakers come with standard chrome-plated, perforated tops packed one dozen each per box. Furthermore these smooth-surface cheese shakers are easier to clean and keep clean compared to the outdated swirl-designed shakers.

1. The Gift Card Enhancer

Give a FREE shaker with the purchase of a qualifying gift card purchase ex. FREE cheese shaker with the purchase of a $50.00 Gift Card. Your customers will like the idea of giving more than just a Gift Card. Not only will the recipient like to receive a Gift Card to their favorite place, but they will enjoy your branded shaker at home for years to come!

4. The Catering Statement

What better than placing your filled custom cheese shakers at your catering event next to your pasta, soup, pizza, etc. allowing all that attend the catering function to know exactly who catered the event.

7. Check Please

Have your server or bartender present the check in your custom cheese shaker.

2. The Obvious

Replace your ordinary cheese/pepper shakers with custom shakers with your company's logo and make a statement on each of your tables!

5. The Retail

Have a famous, or soon to be famous restaurant, bar or pizzeria? Display some of your empty shakers for sale to your customers. You will be surprised to see how fast they shake out the door!

8. The Pen Caddy

Sick of pens laying around your point of sale? Simple fix...remove the top and designate a custom shaker to keep your pens neat and upright while making a statement of branded organization.

3. The Perk

Give away a custom shaker with your logo to your customer with a qualifying purchase (example purchase two extra large pizzas and receive a free cheese shaker). You can use any item or items as a qualifying purchase, get creative!

6. Fill Me Up & Take Me Home

As a retail option, offer to fill your custom shaker with your own grated cheese, or crushed red pepper, or any other fill for that matter. Your customer will enjoy taking part of your brand home with them!

9. The Functional Favor

How about a custom shaker as a wedding or shower favor, in addition to an event giveaway... fill them with wrapped candy or a surprise of your touch to shake